Studio Bertoia propose a specific project planning and application technology resulting from experience in this field. For us designing the “fire safety” means identifying technical solutions aimed at the achievement of the primary objectives, that are the safety of life, the safety of people, the protection of property and the environment. A correct firefighting strategy that allows different levels of benefits with the use of innovative products always applying standards and documents recognized at European or international level. Design of adequate protection systems with hydrants networks and/or water supply and pressurization systems, sprinkler systems projected with specific configurations to detect the presence of a fire and extinguish it in the initial state, control systems and automatic shutdown of gaseous, aerosol, powder, foam, water spray or fog type; not least those of oxygen depletion, are the types of plants which in recent years have been developed according to International, European and National regulations.

Some projects:

Lima Corporate S.p.a. - New production plant;

Rizzani De Eccher - Containerized MV/LV electrical cabins.